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The Women’s Health Physiotherapy team is available for both outpatient and inpatient services. We offer highly-specialised assessment and treatment for a variety of conditions to help you through your pregnancy and following delivery. Every woman experiences pregnancy differently; we recommend a 1:1 individual physiotherapy assessment to ensure you get the advice you need tailored for you specifically. Our experienced physiotherapists lead by an expert Female Physiatrist can offer help with the following problems:

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Any pain developing in pregnancy or following delivery:

Bladder, Bowel And Pelvic Conditions

Lots of women experience these types of issues in pregnancy or following delivery and it can be a very ‘normal’ part of being pregnant, but we can still help to improve the situation.

We can also offer advice regarding activity and exercise in pregnancy if you have questions about how much exercise to do, or what type of activity you want to carry on with during your pregnancy. Our experienced physiotherapists can also offer 1:1 Pilates sessions during or after pregnancy which can help to reduce pain as well as keeping you fit and toned.

Following Your Delivery

Once your baby has arrived the physiotherapy team will see you on the maternity ward to answer any questions, and to offer advice to get you comfortable, mobile, and active. We also offer a post-delivery outpatient appointment with an experienced Physiatrist to ensure you are recovering well. This would be suggested around 6 weeks post-delivery and is open to all to attend. Our yoga teacher provides postnatal yoga classes in Japanese which can also be booked through the therapy booking line.

For more information about our services or appointments, Please contact the Hospital Physiatry division on 7902222223 or write to info@armcaegis.com

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