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At The ARMC AEGIS Hospital, we aim to help mothers-to-be have an enjoyable pregnancy and memorable birthing experience and to support you from the moment you discover you’re pregnant: giving you all the information and advice you need to choose your preferred delivery method, giving you choice and control over your birth plan and offering you post-natal support to equip you with the skills and confidence to step back into day-to-day life. We want parents to feel respected, supported and empowered at all times.

We offer a range of services to support you throughout your pregnancy journey including:

Antenatal/Postnatal Classes:

Our customised antenatal classes aim to help couples have a positive birthing experience. We offer a wide range of classes, including Labour analgesia, C-section preparation and tips on caring for your baby. We also provide exercise classes to help maintain general fitness and prepare your body for childbirth. Both one-to-one and group sessions are available. You can book to attend our classes regardless of whether you are having your baby with us or at another hospital. Group classes are complimentary to women who have booked with us for delivery and for others its chargeable. One-to-one private classes are chargeable for all.

Comprehensive Workshop
(after 32 weeks)
Duration: 6hours (2 sessions of 3 hours each)
Condensed and informative. Preparing for birth and caring for new born Couples who are busy or employed. Compliments classes by government health worker
Birth & Beyond
4*2 hour sessions-from 34 weeks
Comprehensive all-inclusive birth and early parenting details. Includes first aid Couples wanting small group/individual birth and parenting classes
C-Section preparation
2*2hr sessions-from 34 weeks
Includes C section information to mother, caring of new born, breast feeding, Postnatal care tips following C Section Those who have planned for elective C Section; high risk pregnancy women
Painless Labour
2* 1 hour sessions- from 28 weeks but can help at any stage
All about myths and facts about painless labour
For couples who are anxious 6-10 weeks
Antenatal & Postnatal Exercises All about scientific exercise patterns during antenatal & Postnatal Period Women expecting uncomplicated deliver
1:1 Private sessions
(1-2 hours as required at any stage)
Any topics Couples desirous of privacy; couples living abroad and just coming to hospital for delivery
Breast feeding (any stage) Essential steps to prepare for breast feeding For expectant mothers who are going to breast feed their first baby; experienced mothers who had problems during breast feeding on previous occasions
Baby Massage (any time after baby is 6 weeks old) Parents are taught how to massage their baby Parents who have baby aged 6-12 weeks old
Baby First aid Basic first Aid including CPR from birth to 1 year All parents of new borns

All classes will be conducted on pre declared dates. For details and booking write to healtheducation@armcaegis.com

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