Emergency : 04933 220 222

Call to 7902222223 OR write to info@armcaegis.com

When you attend the Fetal Medicine unit you should report to our reception desk where we will take your primary details and register you.

You will then be called to pre- scan room. Your medical and obstetric history will be taken and prior to the scan taking place you will be advised on what will be done during your scan. Accordingly the consent forms have to be filled and duly signed as per PNDT Act. Once you are happy with this, the scan of your baby will commence.

After the scan, you will have the findings explained and you will be given time to ask questions. All relevant options for you will be discussed and any further appointments will be made.

Whilst every effort is made to see you on time, delays can occur due to the nature of the clinical situation, but you can expect to be kept informed of when you are likely to be seen.

We are aware that you may be anxious about your appointment, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our nursing staff.

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